Celebration of Children

July 14, 2013

3:00 PM

Tickets: Adult: $12, Children under 12: $10, Children 4 and under: Free

COC will be held at the Forum, Harrisburg, PA (map and directions)

This event is presented by PECAN, Inc. with the goal of giving young performers the opportunity to showcase their talents on a professional stage. It also demonstrates the talents of many youth in the area in several different art forms. Children up to the age of 18 are chosen from the area to present their talent in instrumental, dance, gymnastics, voice, public speaking, and other specialties, and creative arts as well. One of the featured acts is the Wheelchair Dancers. Art in the form of drawings, paintings, photography, etc. of creative children in the area will be displayed.

At the show, the  Media Award will be presented to a type of media – TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, etc. which is influential in promoting the arts for youth. The Crescendo Award will be presented to an individual who has done outstanding work with youth in promoting music and the arts, the Allegro Award is presented to a Youth who has done outstanding work in their community in their art form and theArpeggio Award is presented to a well known artist known for their work with youth through the arts.

Rehearsals of COC Singers

Welcome to new singers!

Rehersals are held at the East Hanover Township Building, Shellsville, PA (map and directions) or sometimes at the Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association (CATRA) (map and directions).  New members welcome to join in Feb, March, April, May.  See the calendar of events for details.

To sign up for COC Singers, or for more information, Contact Us.