Media Award

The Media Award was created in 2005 to recognize a program in any type of media that influences children in positive, pro`ductive ways by use of auditory and visual arts.

2005Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood– an educational program for children using the arts accepted by David Newell – “Mr. McFeely”.

2006WITF, Inc. – radio and TV station that promotes the arts for youth through educational programs accepted by Kathy Silks, Vice-president of Audience Relations.

2007Central Penn Parent Magazine – informs parents of upcoming events for children to become involved in especially art related events. Features articles of interest about the arts to encourage parents to involve their children.

2008VSA arts of Pennsylvania – website assists is supporting inclusive arts education through its well designed pages and easy to follow format.

2009Greater Harrisburg Youth For Christ – website focuses on the basics.  It is an extremely user friendly site that has touched base with many youth in the performing arts.

2010The Media Arts and Animation program at the Art Institute of York – allows students to turn inspiration and passion into careers.

2012Kids Corner – hosted by Kathy O’Connell and produced by Robert Drake, is a live, interactive radio show that is in its 25th year stimulating kids’ talents and abilities.