Arpeggio Award

The Arpeggio Award was created in 2004 to recognize a celebrity who is giving of themselves to help youth create harmony in their lives through use of the arts.

2004Charles S. Dutton – actor, director, and movie producer is recognized for his work with under privileged youth through theater arts which has helped youth gain confidence and self worth.

2005Steven Courtney – performing songwriter of songs with themes that include love, friendship and family.

2006Michelle White – Special Ed teacher and author of books to help children understand being disabled.

2007Woody Wolfe – Singer, composer, guitar player who creates harmony in hospitals singing and playing songs for children in the pediatrics ward.

2008Mark W. Wesling – Classical Guitarist, composer of children’s songs about life, susuki teacher of classical guitar, performer and visual artist.

2009Jim Rule – his lyrical voice and warm sense of humor make children and grown-ups sing along

2010 –  Tina Davidson – A critically acclaimed composer, she finds time to organize events like Philadelphia’s Young Composers program that teaches inner city children how to write music.

2011Aaron Kelly – A kind, humble, talented artist who has had a positive impact on youth in the arts, making it to the top five on 2010 American Idol at age 17.

2012Benjamin E. Gallaher – an up-and-coming young Eagle Scout and Nashville country western artist who encourages youth to follow their dreams.