Allegro Award

The Allegro Award, created in 2002, recognizes a youth who have given of themselves in the arts to help others.

2002 – Lauren Elizabeth Fealtman of Carlisle provided children with summer dance lessons for a small fee and donated the proceeds to the American Lung Association.

2003 – Randi Levundusky worked 4 years with Celebration of Children coaching encouraging youth in the arts.

2004 – Elizabeth Park contributed to non-profit organizations by face painting and working at summer day camps with visual arts for people with disabilities.

2005 – Andrew J Shiraki – president of the youth advisory counsel for the Lower Paxton Youth Center.

2006 – Elizabeth M. Ehrlich – worked for 6 years with Celebration of children as MC and teaching dance routines. She is instrumental in starting Children’s Wheelchair Dance and teaching the class.

2007 – Julia Olley – Celebration of Children backstage manager for 4 years.  PECAN, Inc. art day camp assistant for 3 years.

2008 – Corina Aucker – worked for 7 years with Celebration of Children as a performer and 4 years as Jr. MC.   Volunteers her time to sing the National Anthem at events as well a singing to support the Troops in Iraq.

2009 – Christopher Kong – award-winning piano and violin prodigy who has played to help raise money for
tsunami victims and the blind.

2010 – Lydia J. Hassell – Att age 17 and in her 11th year as a featured singer and stage performer, she has
been an inspiration to other young performers that have known her and seen her perform.

2011 – Alaina McNaughton – volunteers as a dance assistant at One Broadway, a cheerleading coach at Holy Name of Jesus School, and as teacher and choreographer for Children’s Wheelchair Dance.

2012 – Ashley Nicole Shaw – the young author of a published book called Journey, 4-H leader, dancer, and Celebration of Children performer and volunteer